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BTR-Plating Resources is recognized as a quality leader in the rack and barrel electroplating industry. Our experience, knowledge, and standards for excellence make us uniquely qualified to meet your electroplating needs.

Electroplating is an electrochemical process for depositing a thin layer of metal on a metallic base. Objects can be electroplated to avoid corrosion and to obtain a hard surface with an attractive finish.

There are two main types of electroplating:

Rack plating is a process used for large, complex, or fragile parts. It is excellent for producing selective deposits. In this procedure, parts are hung on a "rack" that is then submersed in the plating solution. Metal hooks or bands are used to hold the parts in place as well as provide the necessary electrical contact.

Barrel plating is an efficient and relatively low cost method of plating. Parts are placed inside a barrel that slowly rotates while it is immersed in the plating solution. Electrical contact is made through the use of danglers that are located inside the barrel. This plating method is usually recommended for smaller parts that are fairly durable and damage resistant, since high volumes of parts can be plated with uniform coverage this plating method is the more economical of the two methods.

Plating Finishes Benefits:
Cadmium per QQ-P-416:

♦ Provides sacrificial protection to the underlying steel
♦ Prevents the galvanic/bimetallic reaction between steel and aluminum
♦ Has a low coefficient of friction
♦ Can easily be soldered
♦ Has a lower electrical contact resistance than zinc plated steel

Copper, Matte and Bright per MIL-C-14550:

♦ Covers substrate defects
♦ Excellent and inexpensive coating with high electrical conductivity
♦ Offers good coverage and throwing power with high plating efficiency
♦ Less environmentally hazardous than many other plated metals

 Bright Nickle per QQ-N-290:

♦ Excellent corrosion protection
♦ Wear resistance
♦ Lubricity
♦ Tarnish protection
♦ Decorative appearance

Nickel-Chrome per QQ-N-290 & QQ-C-320:

♦ Extremely hard surface
♦ Excellent wear and heat resistance
♦ Hygienic and easy to clean


Hard Chrome per QQ-C-320:

♦ Reduce friction, add wear resistance
♦ Build-up surface area for grinding
♦ Repair and Restore Worn Parts
♦ Increase Life of New Parts
♦ Corrosion Protection
♦ Abrasion Resistance
♦ Improved Appearance of Parts

Zinc per all military, OEM automotive and trucking specs:

♦ Sacrificial coating to protect steel
♦ Clear blue-yellow-olive drab–black coatings to extend the life of the  plated component
♦ Prevent oxidation of the protected metal by forming a barrier and by acting as a sacrificial anode
♦ Zinc oxide is a fine white dust that does not cause a breakdown of the substrate's surface integrity as it is formed
♦ Zinc oxide, if undisturbed, can act as a barrier to further oxidation, the  majority of hardware parts are zinc plated

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