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Chem Film/Iridite/Chromate Conversion Coating per MIL-DTL-5541 is a chemical process that produces a protective chromate conversion film on aluminum and aluminum alloys. The coating can be used as a final finish and can also serve as a base for paints and high performance top coats, lacquers, or a base for rubber bonding. By chemically reacting with the metal being treated, the Chem Film solution forms a thin (.00002 max.) gel-like complex chromate film over the entire surface of the part. The film is integral with the metal itself and thus cannot flake, chip or peel. Being non-porous and resistant to moisture damage, the Chem Film protects the underlying metal from corrosion.

Copper & Brass Bright Dipping is a two step immersion process used to clean and remove oil and dirt residue and surface corrosion or tarnishing from solid brass parts. The process is often used as a pretreatment to painting or followed by a clear coat in order to prevent future tarnishing. The copper and brass parts must first be thoroughly cleaned to remove all surface oils and grime that are present. Any oil present will cause the bright dipping process to be uneven. The second step of the process involves a very strong acid dip to remove the corrosion and brighten the brass. The timing of this step is critical as too little will result in an uneven finish and too much will result in removal of too much metal from the parts. A tarnish inhibitor is applied which will provide short-term protection until your next operation.

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