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The E-coat process is best described as a cross between plating and painting. It is a process where a metal part is immersed in a water-based epoxy paint emulsion. Electric voltage is applied to the raw metal part causing the paint emulsion to condense onto the part. The process works on the principal of "Opposites Attract".

The process begins with 9 stage cleaning and zinc phosphate pretreatment, followed by total immersion in our RoHS compliant PPG Powercron� 6000CX lead-free HAPS free black electrocoat paint. The paint particles are drawn to the raw part and the epoxy paint is deposited onto it, forming an even, continuous film over every surface, in every crevice and corner, until the coating reaches the desired thickness.

The painted parts then go through a series of 3 counter flowing water rinses and finally on to our overhead curing ovens ensuring total paint coverage uniformity on all external and recessed areas and total paint adhesion.

Advantages of E-Coat

    Uniform coverage to the entire part
    Corrosion resistant
    Contains very little water eliminating runs or sags
    Minimal waste, drastically reducing material costs
    Lead-Free Film
    Lead-Free Effluent
    Reduced Emissions
    Virtually Solvent-Free

At our 145,000 square foot facility we operate a programable overhead monorail e-coat paint line capable of handling parts up to 72" in length. 

click here for PPG Powercron� 6000CX Technical Bulletin

To complement our PPG Powercron� 6000CX E-coat lines we have two Powder Coat and two oven cured Liquid Topcoat lines:

Liquid Top coating allows us to provide a superior quality finishing coat on top of the primed surface that will offer ultimate corrosion and chemical resistance. The process includes a sprayed-on finish using a variety of paints that meet Class A automotive exterior and interior finish qualities.


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